Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Refurbishment Projects for 2018 and 2019

1. First Floor (Summer 2018)

Following the successful ground floor renovation, the first floor will be remodeled to utilize study area and provide more shelving space for the existing collections and its future expansion. The renovation of first floor will start in summer 2018. The renovation exercise includes:
  • Regrouping 4 Group Study Rooms
  • Relocating 2 Faculty Study Rooms
  • Installing compact shelves

2. Second Floor (Summer 2019)

The second floor will be refurbished and include a purpose built Music Library. More details will be provided as the planning progresses

3. Library Service during Renovation Period (May 14 to August 31, 2018)

During the renovation period in summer 2018, the whole first floor of CCL will be closed for building work. In addition, there will be minor air-conditioning works on the second floor. The second floor will be partially accessible. The Music and CD collection and the reading areas on the second floor will be cordoned off while the existing Instructional Materials Collection (IMC) and the computers on the second floor will remain accessible. Arrangements during this period are as follows:
  • Collections on the first floor and second floor (Music and CD Collection) will not be accessible
  • A book retrieval service will be provided during the renovation. Items are available for pick-up at the Help Desk
  • Reference Collection has been relocated to Reserve Book Room on the ground floor
  • Oversize items are now kept on second floor
  • Late Reading Room will be temporarily closed (May 14 to September 2, 2018)

Progress will be posted in due course and for details, please visit:


1. 一樓(二零一八年暑假)

  • 重組四間小組研討室;
  • 重置兩間教員研讀室;
  • 安裝密集書架;
  • 一樓規劃設計圖

2. 二樓(二零一九年暑假)


3. 翻新期間使用崇基圖書館服務 (二零一八年五月十四日至八月三十一日)

崇基圖書館將於二零一八年五月十四日至八月三十一日進行一樓翻新工程,期間一樓全層將關閉。 同時,二樓將進行規模較小的冷氣工程,該層的音樂及鐳射唱片館藏和閱讀區將圍封以便施工,教學資料館藏(IMC)和電腦區則不受影響,讀者仍可使用。 圖書館在施工期間會繼續為讀者提供服務,安排如下:
  • 一樓全層及二樓的音樂及鐳射唱片館藏區域將關閉,讀者不能進入
  • 圖書館會為讀者提供取書服務,讀者經申請後可於地下服務台提取受影響範圍內的館藏
  • 參考館藏已遷移至地下指定參考書室內
  • 特大藏書現放於二樓
  • 夜讀室將於二零一八年五月十四日至九月二日暫停開放


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